Release Notes

The First Preview Build is Here! - Release Notes for Super Plexis [ver 0.3.0]

It's finally here! Introducing a very early test build of the Super Plexis multi-platform client on PC/Mac (with the mobile versions coming soon!). This is a very early build testing some basic client features and a single gameplay mode. We're temporarily serving these files through Dropbox as standalone .exe/app files, but future releases will be through more official channels. 

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What’s in this build

  • First look at Super Plexis game client running on PC / Mac
  • Medley ID integration 
  • Multi-input support (keyboard/gamepad/mouse)
  • Resizable UI system
  • Custom text engine
  • Endless mode gameplay preview 

Stuff in the background

  • Party system
  • Active game server
  • Dynamic DPI scaling (for multiple device sizes)
  • Framework for other game modes 

What’s coming

  • Music / SFX
  • Support for mouse control in battle engine
  • Builds for Android, iOS, and Linux
  • Public downloads available on Steam Early Access, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.
  • Dynamic board effects for gameplay (e.g. board shake)
  • Authoritative game server tests on local host
  • Polishing UI/UX and implementing user profiles (stats/achievements)
  • Character implementation / development
  • Integrate Lumina currency system  
  • Local multiplayer
  • VS AI
  • And more!

A big thanks again to everyone who's been following us up to this point, and a warm welcome to any new faces! If you have any questions or want to say hey, check out our official Super Plexis discord here: