About us

Medley Studios was founded by cousins Andrew Gundlach and Gabriel Basham. Super Plexis, their first project, is more than just a throw back to classic puzzle games, it's the combined and continued effort of friends, family, and fans to make something great together.

Andrew Gundlach

Co-Founder , Lead Engineer

The lead bug fixer and gameplay enthusiast, Andrew's role involves creating and designing playable content, writing the necessary software to support the server / database infrastructure, and administration. Andrew's focus for Super Plexis includes making it accessible to all players on major platforms with cross-play and creating satisfying gameplay inspired by the classic console puzzle games.

Gabriel Basham

Co-Founder , Art & Design

The unofficial director of nostalgia, Gabe handles the sights and sounds of the game. In the case of Super Plexis, the end goal is to create an experience that transports players back to the feel classic console puzzle games. The art, characters, sounds, and music are all created in service to this vision (and his experience in film school lends a hand when it comes time to creating game trailers and dev vlogs!)

Karl Schaefer

QA , Design

A master of numbers and chain-combos, Karl's puzzle game prowess is only surpassed by his knowledge of mathematics. He offers valuable insight on gameplay mechanics, design, and statistical analysis. 


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