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Dev Blog #1 - Welcome to Our New Home!

Welcome, fellow puzzle fans, to our new site! Super Plexis finally has an official home. More than just a place to share dev blogs and announcements, this space will serve as the safe and secure hub for the brand new Medley ID account system.

Signing up for a Medley ID will gain you a spot in the upcoming multi-platform beta release (starting first on Android). And in the future, your Medley ID will be your key to taking your account and game progress anywhere, on any device.

We're excited to share more news soon, like when you can expect the first beta to go live, but in the mean time we'd just like to thank everyone for their patience and support stretching all the way back to the success of our Kickstarter earlier this year.

It's been an uphill battle researching and engineering the exact type of server and database backend to suit to our needs as a small indie studio. Since we'll be running the show ourselves now, not depending on any third-party systems like GameCenter and Apple IDs as we did on iOS, we needed to make sure we created something flexible, cost-effective, and scalable. These efforts will translate into a much smoother user experience for the online components of Super Plexis, such as matchmaking and friends-lists, while also providing a much more solid foundation to build future content on.

While it might seem like a simple update for now, this marks a major step forward in Super Plexis' development. As we transition out of this massively technical stage and move back into the game engine, you can expect to being seeing a lot more regular updates and info! 

Keep an eye out for more blog posts like this one coming soon!

- The Medley Studio Team