[Archived] Beta Release Notes

[this is an archived post from our old dev blog, original link can be found here]

Sign up with your email using the link below! (the beta is only on iOS so an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch is required, Android will come a bit later)

[old link, inactive]

We’re using Apple’s Testflight platform which means there will be a delay between when you sign up and when you actually receive your invite (depending on when we can update the list).

On to the details! This is a multiplayer focused beta so we’re mostly testing the online features such as matchmaking. But there are a few game modes you can play offline as well (just check the Battle menu from the title screen). Also, it being a beta means you might encounter unexpected bugs, crashes, or areas of the game that are a bit rough around the edges.

Here’s a list of currently known issues that will be addressed in future updates:


  • Game balance in general is still in it’s early stages. The frequency of health blocks, rate of damage, character stats, and abilities will be adjusted in future updates to reach more comfortable, fair, and satisfying match durations.
  • Matchmaking (Ranked and Unranked) will occasionally time-out, requiring that the player  re-enter matchmaking. 
  • Matchmaking status doesn’t always work as intended but we identified the issue and already have a fix in the works.
  • Difficulty selection in VS AI currently has no actual effect (will be fixed next update)
  • In the Gallery menu, the “Enemies” are temporary and are related to classic mode which is unplayable in this version.
  • The music and SFX volumes are not properly balanced (until we fix it, you can go to the options menu and adjust the music volume lower than SFX for a better overall mix)
  • Invite a friend has been removed due to iOS 10’s removal of the game center app and with it game center friends. A newly implemented system for friend invites is in the works.
  • iPhone 7s framerate is currently locked at 30 fps. Will be increased to 60 fps next update.


  • The app icon is using old art assests.
  •  On iPad, the game’s aspect ratio may appear slightly stretched.
  •  Character skins are being tested with temporary recolored sprites. 
  • Block skins are also being tested with recolors (expect many more in future!)
  • The character “Vulmir” is still in a rough-draft phase and will be receiving a fresh coat of paint in the next update.
  • Some portraits are using placeholder art.
  • Some rank emblems are using repeated/recolored sprites.
  • Some rank emblems appear too dark and will be brightened slightly.

Future Content Roadmap (from soonest to furthest updates):

  • A big networking update that should noticeably improve connections over cellular data.
  • An in-app tutorial to teach new players
  • Chain-combos will be given more weight than fast successive combos when calculating how many deadblocks are sent (This is to reward strategic and calculated players and provide alternative play-styles). Chain-combos will also have their own distinct sound effect.
  • A shop where players can use their “blocks cleared" as a currency to purchase unlockables.
  • Rank Emblems will be added to the Gallery
  • Rank Emblem promotion and demotion animations will be added to the end game screen.
  • A “Forfeit" option to end battles early (currently the only way to quit is to lose/win the match)
  • New characters and abilities
  • New portraits, achievements, levels, and music
  • A glimpse at the “Classic Mode” single-player experience
  • Additional modes in the “Battle” menu

We hope you guys enjoy the game in it’s current state and look forward to your feedback to help improve it! We’ll be setting some specific times for a “matchmaking happy hour” of sorts that will hopefully get as many people online at the same time so there’s a good diversity of players in the ranked and unranked ques. This would likely be on weekends but we’re open to suggestions as well! Follow us on twitter/instagram @medleystudio so you know when to hop on with everyone else.