[Archived] Beta Patch #3 (Final!)

[this is an archived post from our old dev blog, original link can be found here]

Hold on to your hats, this is the final beta patch before the official launch of Super Plexis and boy is it jam packed with new stuff to test! The focus of this beta is to give one final check on all the systems and features and iron out any issues before release. Feel free to provide feedback/suggestions as usual but keep in mind we wont be making any major changes until after release in the form of future content updates. Thanks to everyone for their patience and especially those who have with us from the beginning! 

Now on to what’s new in the version:

  • The shop has been implemented and features a first wave of items including block skins, characters, character skins, portraits, and more ( see the section below for more detailed info on the shop)
  • “Lumina” is the new block currency that you will earn during gameplay and is used as a currency in the shop to unlock items.
  • The AI in V.S. AI has been completely revamped to think and act more deliberately during gameplay. Depending on the difficulty, the AI will make advanced matches, follow up on chain combos, and use abilities offensively. This adds a notable difficulty boost compared to the previous, more random AI.
  • Reconfigured the title screen to remove the “Battle” and “Classic” buttons and replace them with a new “Singleplayer” button that contains the Endless and VS AI modes
  • A tutorial has been added to the title screen
  • An info button and quick access to your Profile has also been added the title screen.
  • Player accounts have been reset so we can test the feel of progression. Some characters are now locked behind the shop, but as a beta tester you will receive a nice sum of Lumina to spend at the start.
  • Level up rewards have been retooled, now offering flat amounts of currency with each level, and every 5 levels rewarding a special bonus unlock.
  • Music in-battle now cuts out upon winning/losing and a new end-game theme plays on the stats screen.
  • Endless mode now has non-character-specific combo sound effects.
  • In-app purchases are functional but disabled for the beta. You can still purchase items with in-game currency earned in battles.
  • Some portraits have been removed and/or updated with a fresh coat of paint
  • Health blocks are 50% less likely to spawn


Introducing the New Shop Menu!

The biggest addition by far in this version is the shop and currency systems that are now in place. Players will start at Level 1 with only Aria and Cleff unlocked, and must earn currency to spend to unlock the other characters in the shop. Once you’ve unlocked a character, you’ll be able to purchase skins for that character. The prices of each item varies, with portraits being the cheapest and character skins being the most expensive (besides the Ad-Blocker).

Known Issues:


  • A previous issue with deadblocks not breaking is presumed fixed but keep an eye out during gameplay and let us know if you spot any consistently strange behavior.
  • AI difficulty will be rebalanced as we go since it is a recent addition 
  • Visuals
  • On iPad, the aspect ratio may appear slightly stretched.
  • Some rank emblems are using repeated/recolored sprites 
  • Typo in the “Lumina Gift” pop-up
  • Future Content Roadmap (from soonest to furthest updates):
  • Addition of “Challenges” to the Singleplayer 
  • Rank Emblem promotion and demotion animations will be added to the end game screen
  • Retooling of board damage (possibly as ticks of increasing chunked damage instead of a constant rate) 
  • New characters and abilites
  • New achievements, levels, music, shop items, and more!

Thanks again for helping us get Super Plexis to where it is today, and we’re super excited to finally go live on the App Store and continue to grow the community! We’re very grateful for all the support so far and hope you’ll continue on this journey with the team!